Wednesday 19 April 2017

A Day Out At Crealy

On Good Friday, we headed out for a family day out at Crealy - a fantastic theme park based a short distance from the city of Exeter.

We've visited once before but that was during winter and so we were excited to see how different our day out would be on a nice sunny day. We had expected to be confronted by lots of crowds and queues given that we had chosen to visit on a bank holiday but we were pleasantly surprised...the queues were only about 10 minutes at the longest and many rides we could walk straight on to, and it didn't feel too crowded either.

The first thing we did was the Easter Egg hunt, which was really good fun and the kids were delighted to be able to claim their prize from Buttons the Easter Bunny himself on the stage!

Afterwards, we headed to try out some rides...first port of call was the brand new Junior Driving School which gave Tyne the chance to drive a lovely little car with Daddy as his passenger! He was thrilled by this!


The track was really well organised and looked like a real little town, the staff did a great job of keeping order and the kids all drove around in the same direction with bumping discouraged which was nice to see when you have little ones riding...there were some older kids riding during Tyne's go who were quite determined to turn the driving school into bumper cars but the staff were really quick to stop them in the nicest way possible, which was great!

After the driving school, we went on some old favourite rides including the Dino Jeeps which Noah loved so much that he insisted on riding twice! The boys also enjoyed some turns on the Flying Machines and the smaller Honey Bee swing.

Another great thing about Crealy is that its not all rides - there are some great play areas too, with some of the best theming I've seen in any UK theme park.

Fort Crealy was a particular favourite of Tyne's, and he also dragged his Dad on the Pirates Revenge play zone too much to his horror - it was quite high and a long climb up, but they made it!

The rest of our day was spent enjoying the various indoor soft play areas which are a fantastic addition as they really do make Crealy an all weather attraction. As well as the rides and play areas, the kids loved just exploring the park and taking in the sights.

It was a really great family day out, and we will certainly be visiting Crealy again in the future - if you're local to the area or visiting on holiday we would highly recommend a visit to Crealy.

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  1. This is on my list of places to go this Summer! I used to go once a year as a child but haven't taken the girls, looks fab xx

  2. That Pirates Revenge does look quite high and scary. Fun photos and a great looking place. I'd be all about that jeep, bet the kids have a blast there.


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