Monday 8 January 2018

Travel Plans For 2018

One of my favourite things to do at the start of a new year is make travel plans.

Travelling has always been one of the things I enjoy most in life, and since the boys came along my desire to see the world has only increased - I love taking holidays with the boys and experiencing different countries and cultures with them, and there is just SO much that I want us to see and do together.

I do have a tendency to dream pretty big when it comes to holidays, and now that I've finally managed to put my fear of flying behind me after taking a fearless flyer course in 2017 - the world feels more wide open to me than ever before! Which is great of course, but it does make decision making and planning for holidays that bit harder when there is suddenly so much more choice available to you!

After visiting Italy on our Med cruise this year, I know that I'd love to go back and spend more time there. I'd also really love to explore more of the USA - particularly the smaller towns, and especially around Halloween.

But after all of this dreaming, I think I've managed to narrow down our plans for year ahead, so here's what I'm hoping we can do in 2018.

Disneyland Paris Annual Passes

We've been toying with the idea of buying annual passes for Disneyland Paris for ages now, and if we're going to do it then it really needs to be this year - once Sailor turns three then we'll have to pay for each of them and at £400 each with no reduction in price for children it's not cheap!

But the perks of saving money on accommodation, shopping and dining make it seem worthwhile and if it means we can get in 2 or 3 Disneyland trips throughout the year then I think it'll be worth it (plus you can pay for them monthly rather than in one go, too!)

I've just had a quote for some breaks this year with the annual pass discount and with them starting from £350 for a 4 night break compared to the usual £750+ I think it makes the passes well worth while if we can squeeze 3 or 4 trips in this year!

My plan is for an early visit next month, plus one around Easter, a day or two in summer, a few days around Halloween and possibly even spending New Years Eve /New Years Day 2018 there too!

Butlins Just For Tots Break

We've visited Butlins Minehead for the last two years and its become a holiday that all of us really look forward to. Tyne has already been asking if we can go back soon, and as this will probably be the last year that all 3 of the boys enjoy the Just For Tots breaks I think we'll make sure we get a visit in - hopefully around May.

A Trip To The Isle Of Wight

This one really depends on how money goes so its not a definite plan at all, but if we're able to then an early summer visit to the Isle Of Wight would be really lovely!

We visited the Island for the first time this summer but only Tyne came along with us (crashing what was supposed to be a childfree break!) - but there was so much to do there that we'd love to go back as a family. They have a few Parkdean resorts and we do like having a summer caravan holiday so we're aiming to try and do this around June! If we don't make it there this year, then it's definitely on the list for next year.

Canary Isles Cruise

This one is already booked! We loved our cruise holiday on board the Independence Of The Seas so much that we couldn't wait to book another one. This time we're going with just Tyne - we thought it'd be nice to spend some one on one time with him now that he's in school (something that the little two get a lot of but he doesn't) plus we found the cruise holiday more suited to his age.

This time we're going around the Canaries - a cruise that Jon & I did together before we had the boys, so we know that Tyne will really enjoy the warm weather and beach destinations!

And although dreaming really big on this one...IF I'm somehow able to save a LOT of money by then after having spent rather a lot on holidays in the year already....then....

A Christmas Trip To Santa's Lapland in Finland!

I had originally planned on this for this month but after discovering that the holiday isn't recommended for children under 2 and that it involves things like husky sledding, I decided that it would be better to put it off until all of the boys are a little older and able to go and make the most of it (it's not cheap, after all and something we'd only want to do once!)

I actually think the ideal time to go would be Christmas 2020 when Sailor is 4, Noah is 5 and Tyne is 7 so that they can all get the most out of it as it's not recommended for under 4's....but if we have the money then I may well be tempted to go a year early! We'll see what happens! It's something I do really want to do.

With so much to look forward to in 2018 I'm already excited for it to begin, although I guess I'd better get saving if we're going to be able to afford to do all of this!

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  1. Wow it sounds like your going to have a super busy 2018 with all these travel plans. I can not wait to read your experiences with these places which you are going to hopefully visit this year I am sure a lot of special memories will be created.

    Charlotte x


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