Wednesday 18 September 2013

Giraffe: Review

Last week, on my birthday, we were very kindly given a complimentary meal at Giraffe restaurant in Exeter for review purposes.
I had experienced Giraffe only once before - it was the same branch, and I had gone along for a quick bite after work. I had one course only and opted for the Thai Green Curry, I really didn't enjoy it and felt rather ill afterwards. I ended up feeling a bit off put and never tried Giraffe again.
However, that was the first time I'd EVER had Thai Green Curry and having since eating it from other places I came to realise that it may well have been the dish itself that I disliked rather than the actual restaurant as I have never enjoyed it from anywhere and always feel a bit unwell if I try to eat it! 
So with that in mind, I thought it may be good to give Giraffe another try.
We were invited to start with some cocktails - I opted for the Berry Bellini, and Jon (being the driver!) had a Wavebreaker mocktail.

Both of them were really lovely, and the presentation was outstanding - we both particularly loved the unusual jug with a handle that Jon's Wavebreaker came in!

For starter, we opted for a Bruschetta Board -  These were triangles of crisp, warm bruschetta topped with melting mozarella cheese and marinara sauce. Half were topped with pesto, and the other topped with artichoke, black olive and red pepper salsa.

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