Thursday 27 February 2014

Tiger Bills Restaurant: Review

Last week, we were invited along to try out Tiger Bills restaurant in Torquay.

For those who are not familiar with Tiger Bills, they are a family-friendly restaurant chain who bring together the East & West - with two deliciously mouth-watering menu's to tempt you - giving you the choice of the best of Thai street food and the best of the Western grill offering the traditional favourites such as baby back ribs, juicy steaks and delicious burgers!

I love the concept of combining these two dining styles, as so often families are torn when deciding on a place to eat out - but when a restaurant brings two styles together in this way it makes life so much easier - spicy noodles and Thai green curry for Mum & Dad, and burgers & chips for the kids - perfect!

Jon & I had actually previously been to Tiger Bills in Exeter - in actual fact, it was where we had our very first proper date!!! (Aaaaah!!!) - so it was somewhat surreal to be going back there again.

But this time we were going to the Torquay branch, which we hadn't even realised existed until a few weeks ago when we were visiting a nearby restaurant and noticed it across the street.

From the outside, I would say that Tiger Bills perhaps looks a little deceiving - it would strike me as perhaps a bar or somewhere dedicated to the young & trendy, not somewhere I would imagine to be open for lunch or to be family-friendly.

Once you get inside - the whole perspective changes!

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