Thursday 4 April 2019

Packing for a Cruise-Men's checklist

When it comes to a cruise holiday, what to take with you may seem obvious, but it's very easy to be caught up in the excitement (or stress) and miss things.

During the build up to a holiday I run checklist after checklist to ensure everything is in order for my family. I often find I end up taking too many clothes for our children to try and cover every eventuality weatherwise, and make sure I have everything I need for smooth sailing.

Whilst I ensure that our children have their things packed, my own cruise wardrobe is sorted out, and we have everything we need for a great holiday, there is another member of our family who packs his own luggage. Jon.

Jon packs his own stuff and overall does pretty well, but he still uses a list.
Here's a checklist for any man out there who may be a little uncertain of what to take, or may be concerned that he's missed something.

Top 6 tips for a checklist

  • This may seem painfully obvious but it's amazing how many people get to a cruise terminal and have forgotten their Passports, currency, tickets or insurance. Whilst many documents and confirmations of travel can nowadays be stored and accepted via online documents, a hard copy should still be taken 'just in case'. Likewise, credit cards, debit cards and mobile payments are accepted all over the world but some sellers and traders still only accept cash in the local currency. You can't buy much in a Moroccan bazaar with your mobile and you can't really present your passport via your mobile can you? Speaking of mobiles...
  • Chargers and international plug adaptors for mobile devices, cameras and charging other items. It's always worth check what kind of socket your cabin or suite may have. Is it European, is it US? This information is readily available via your cruise company or travel agent, but can vary from ship to ship and not all ships carry spares to lend or hire to guests. Check which is required before packing and check again that you have packed the right one prior to setting off . You can always pick one up en route if need be, but it's too late when you climb that gangway. If you don't your mobile or laptop could end up spending your holiday as an expensive paperweight which is no good in an emergency or contacting friends and family to share your experiences.. Keep in mind though that vaping is not permitted on board most ships with vape detectors in most common areas and in state rooms, so if you're hoping to charge vapes in your stateroom you will likely encounter a problem.
  • Accessories for formal dining. Your favourite shoes, tuxedo and dinner jacket are packed.Your suits are back from the dry cleaners and looking sharp packed in their suit carriers. You know that you'll feel and look great at dinner and the formal photographs won't become things of shame in only a year or two. First formal evening you're all set and then you realise you forgot your ties, waistcoats, belts, your cummerbund and your cufflinks. Well that's your evening and your dining partners evening ruined because you'll look half dressed and won't enjoy the evening as much as you could. By taking a few moments to pop your ties and other clothing items along with your formal attire you know they'll be kept together, remain clean, and ready to wear. If you've purchased a specific dinner shirt to go with your tuxedo or dinner jacket check if it is buttoned or requires cufflinks. You can purchase some gorgeous ones via

  • Grooming products. So you've got your clothes and paperwork packed, chargers sorted and you're off. Then you realise that by day two you have no toothbrush, deodorant, aftershave, shower gel or razor. By the end of the holiday you may end up looking like you've been backpacking around the Gobi and possibly smelling that way too. Not all ships have shops carrying even basic grooming products, and even some ports have limited supplies that may not be up to scratch. You've paid a lot of money for this holiday and don't want to spend it feeling grotty, let alone sat for a formal dinner and not look and feel your best. Nobody likes a smelly fellow diner. 

  • Suitable clothing. Ok so this is a no brainer right? Nope. Even if you're cruising the Med, hitting the West Indies or sailing up the Fjords, weather and conditions can change rapidly, and you don't want to miss the view from the deck or cut short your excursion simple because you have the wrong attire. The general rule of thumb is if you're going somewhere hot, still pack at least one warm item of clothing or light jacket and long trousers or jeans (the trousers are essential for most of the dining rooms anyway). If cooler climbs are your destination, pack some shorts and a light shirt or top-You can always change if the weather does.
  • Medication. If you're on medication for an acute illness or will be needing to take some whilst on holiday, it always pays dividends to take extra. This may sound overly cautious but specific types of medication may not be readily available onboard or even in port which could lead to big trouble. Ships have been held in quarantine in the past which prevents passengers from leaving the ship and without sufficient medication people can become very ill very fast.

I hope this little checklist helps a little to ensure smooth sailing and a great holiday for anyone off on a cruise!

Have you ever forgotten anything important for a holiday? Your Passports, money or kids?
If you have a funny story you'd like to share I'd love to hear about it, so please pop them in the comments below!

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