Tuesday 16 January 2018

Top 5 Snacks To Try In Disneyland Paris

I don't know if this is just me, but one of the things I get most excited about when visiting Disneyland Paris is the chance to try out some of the wonderful foods and snacks on offer!

You only have to scroll through social media to see video after video about the many weird and wonderful snack options available in the US Disney parks from Mickey shaped waffles and Pretzels to the infamous "Grey Stuff"... and although there are fewer offerings in Disneyland Paris - there are still some gems available if you know where to look!

So I thought I'd share my own personal list of Must Try Snack foods at DLP!

1) Pineapple Whip

What Is It?: If you're a regular to Walt Disney World Florida then you'll no doubt be familiar with the infamous Disney Dole Whips...they are pretty much all I see anybody talk about on the forums and seem to be the holy grail of Disney snacks stateside!

Now if you're a fan of those let me just clear this up before you get too excited....there ARE NO DOLE WHIPS ON SALE AT DISNEYLAND PARIS!

But there ARE Pineapple Whips. Now admittedly I have never had a Dole Whip so I can't compare the two, but I can confirm that the Pineapple Whips? Are AMAZING.

They are basically a vanilla ice cream float served in pineapple juice and drizzled with fresh pineapple syrup, and they are the most delicious and refreshing snack you can buy in Disneyland Paris in my opinion. I only discovered them on our last trip and I wish I'd found them sooner....they are the first thing I will be heading for when we go back in February! YES IN FEBRUARY...I don't care how cold it is, I need that Pineapple Whip!

Where From?: The Pineapple Whip is available from the small food cart stationed outside Agrabah Cafe in Adventureland.

2) Mickey Marshmallows

What are they?: They are basically gooey delicious marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate. There are a variety of colour/flavour options available, and the main selling point to me is that they are Mickey shaped!

I often feel that there is a real lack of Mickey Shaped treats available in Disneyland Paris, having previously only found the very tasteless and disappointing Double Mickey Cakes....the Mickey Marshmallows satisfy both my sweet tooth AND my Insta-photo needs much more fully!

Where from?: The sweet shop on Main Street USA

3) Nutella Crepes!

What Is It?: Well let's be honest...are you even in France if you don't eat a crepe?!! 

These very thin sweet pancakes are served piping hot with either lemon and sugar, or nutella...and trust me, the combination of the warm pancake and the sticky delicious Nutella on a cold Parisian day is perfection!! We basically lived on these during our last trip!

Where From?: You can buy those all over, but we got them most often from the Cafe outside Alice's Curious Labyrinth as we really liked the seating area there!

4) Candy Apples

What Is It?: You can choose from either a traditional candy apple or a chocolate covered apple, and all of them are pretty tasty!
Our personal favourites were the Frozen themed ones which were made to look like Snowman, but you can also get traditional red ones and various other themes around the park too. Also a good way to ease the mum guilt when your child has basically survived the holiday on sugar and french fries...coz you know....at least there's fruit in there somewhere!

Where From?: Various stalls around the park sell these, but the Frozen themed ones were available from the kiosk outside the Chaparral theatre where the Frozen show was.

5) Jedi Burger

What Is It?: I've left this until last as its more of a meal than a snack but I couldn't not include it because it is Hands down the MOST DELICIOUS BURGER I HAVE EVER TASTED! Bar none!
Trust me, I have tried some burgers in my time and this one stands out in my mind as one of the tastiest!

It was a little bit spicy but not too much. It was filling but somehow it still left me wanting more.
Honestly, even after dining in some of the "finest" establishments in the park, the Jedi burger was hands down the best meal I ate!

Where From?: Available from Cafe Hyperion in Discoverland



  1. I'll definitely have to try the Jedi Burger on my trip in February! I've never heard such good things about it before. I hope they still do the marshmallow Mickey's when I go as well!

    Lisa | http://farawaylisamae.com

  2. Information is very informative also you get same from the author's words, this is the great resource to get such type of information.

  3. You can't get the dole whip knock off in October fyi! I'm here right now.


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