Wednesday 20 March 2019

Cruising for (dress) success

When it comes to getaways, my favourite still has to be a cruise holiday. 
Preferably onboard our favourite ship, The Independence of the Seas.

The appeal of a cruise holiday is as multifaceted as the guests on board each ship.
Some love the feeling of being in a floating luxury hotel, others love the cuisine, for many it's the chance to wake up in a new country or port almost every day. Yes there are many different features and aspects that appeal to holiday makers-my favourites however are the formal evenings and long days at sea spent around the pool and just taking in the ship.

The destinations on a cruise will more often than not decide your onboard wardrobe.
Lets face it, if you're heading to Norway and the Fjords, walking around the deck in a bikini and sarong may not be the greatest of ideas and a Parka and wooly mittens would be regarded with suspicion if travelling round the Med mid Summer.

Shopping around for what to wear may seem problematic and getting quality clothing that you'll be able to use from one holiday to the next can seem daunting, but don't be put off. Websites such as Fashion World have something to suit the occasion and location. This is a chance for you to shine and dress how you want to dress not how you feel you should dress.

It's also worth taking notice of the themed nights offered during your cruise too - some common theme evenings include White Evening, 70's Disco Night and Americana night when you'll see people everything from cheerleading uniform to Star Spangled everything!

Here's my Top 3 Tips on preparing your wardrobe for a cruise Holiday;
  • If you see it and like it, get it. You're going on holiday and no one should make you feel down about what you want to wear. It's a chance to embrace colours and styles you may normally shy away from. Let yourself look and feel great. If you always wanted a neon pink bikini but didn't think you'd ever get the opportunity to wear one, now's your chance.
  • Dress appropriately for the destinations. Do some homework in to temperatures and terrain of any ports you may be visiting. Flip flops and a sleeveless top are fine at the beach or walking around the deck, but some destinations can get chilly and old cities and ports tend to have cobbled streets. Stubbed toes and goose pimples can soon take the shine off an excursion.
  • If you've never been to a formal evening, don't feel you have to dress conservatively or in a stuffy manner. The evenings are as much about fun as the are the food, and are not full length sleeves and ankle length dresses. You should feel like a million dollars in your favourite number so don't feel you have to go with pearls, pastels or . Wear sequins, or something backless, or even with a split in it, but whatever you wear relax and sparkle like you're the centre of attention.
I've been checking out some new clothes for a potential cruise (more about this coming soon!) and think I've found some perfect items for shore excursions.

I love the colours in this and it looks so comfortable for walking around and exploring old cities or new destinations.

Some destinations require full sleeves due to religious or local culture. I'd certainly not want to upset anyone so something along the lines of this Peplum shirt is perfect!

I love these Palazzo Trousers! Walking around can get a bit hot so these look like I'll be able to stay cool and comfortable.

I LOVE dressing for the formal and informal evenings and wearing something new and just that little bit extra special and flamboyant. Something you may not have a reason to wear at home apart from at the 'Once-in-a-Blue-Moon' Black Tie function. When onboard and someone comes up and compliments you on what you are wearing or asks 'Where did you get that dress?' you know you're doing something right, and your confidence soars. 

Accessories can really add an extra element to any dining experience however and I've seen this gorgeous little Rose Gold bag to compliment an outfit.

Have you ever had issues when shopping for cruise clothes or have you any funny stories about things that have happened to you whilst on a cruise? I'd love to hear about them and you can post your comments below!


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