Monday 4 November 2013

Morrisons M Range: Review

I can't be the only one out there who finds it just a bit TOO stressful to spend all day looking after a teething baby alone AND preparing a delicious meal for my partner to come home after work too?!

I'd love to be that perfect little housewife/mum but it just isn't me I'm afraid - and so given the chance to try out some of Morrisons new M range of convenience meals, I was very excited!

I have to admit though - as much as I love the idea of convenient ready-made meals, I do find them to be very lacking in quality most of the time - otherwise we'd all be using them all the time wouldn't we?!

So I was little nervous to try the range out but keen to give them a try after a particularly trying day!

We were went a huge array of meals to try!

There were the traditional British classics like Cottage Pie, roast potatoes, Vegetable mixes and Liver & Banon with mash - I have to admit that British traditional foods are not really my bag but they are very much Jon's and he has spoken very highly of each and every one of these meals!

 We also received some Chinese delights such as Special Chow Mein & Vegetable Spring Rolls... and Indian classics such as Chicken Korma and Pilau rice, and Vegetable Samosas....

Everything was really tasty and was a great alternative to our usual Saturday night takeaway - a fraction of the cost and it felt a little healthier too without all the usual oil sitting on the top of the curry!

But I have to say that out of everything we were sent to try, I CANNOT recommend the Chicken Fajitas from the Tex Mex range and the Macaroni Cheese with Bacon from the Italian range highly enough.....both were absolutely delicious!!!

I love the convenience of these meals and the fact that it doesn't mean having to compromise on quality or taste - unfortunately for me, my nearest Morrisons store is miles away in a neighbouring town but I enjoyed these meals so much that I WILL make the effort to go there for shopping every once in a while!

If you are fortunate enough to have a Morrisons store nearby I  highly recommend trying these out - especially the Chicken Fajitas!!!

To check where your nearest store is go to 

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